viernes, 18 de octubre de 2013


As a result of a research about spending intentions around the world made by Nielsen the:
47% of global respondents seved their spare cash.
9% invested.
11% seved for retirement.

On average, discretionary spending intentions for new clothes, holidays/ vacations, out-of-home entertainment, and new technology products increased around the world in the second quarter. Forty-seven percent of global respondents saved their spare cash, 19 percent invested and 11 percent saved for retirement. Globally, 14 percent said they had no spare cash, a slight decrease from 15 percent reported in Q1.

Respondents in the Asia-Pacific region reported the most significant three-month spending increase compared to the other regions (+4pp) on holidays/vacations (43%), new clothes (39%), out-of-home entertainment (38%) and new technology products (34%). They were also the most avid savers, with six-in-10 (61%) putting money into savings accounts and one- third (32%) investing in shares of stocks and mutual funds.

In the Middle East/Africa region, discretionary spending intentions for out-of-home entertainment (21%) and holidays/vacations (18%) increased in the second quarter four and five percentage points, respectively. Marginal spending increases for clothing, technology, decorating and vacations were reported in Latin America compared to three months ago. Saving and spending intentions among European respondents remained in a holding pattern in the second quarter, with little variation reported over the past 12 months.


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